Welcome to Homestead Tours and Safaris operating in Uganda
to provide unique opportunities
to experience African wildlife and culture

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  1. Commitment to responsible travel, minimising negative impacts of tourism whilst benefitting local communities and the environment
  2. Individually adapted and tailor-made holidays
  3. Experienced and knowledgeable Driver Guides with years of experience who know the whole of Uganda, its birds and other wildlife intimately
  4. Unique tours to Teso and destinations which other companies don’t visit
  5. Unique “volunteer tourism” holidays in Teso
  6. Village tours with cultural experiences in Teso, including visiting your Driver Guide’s home if you want to
  7. Opportunities for Homestays and getting to know rural Ugandans
  8. We go the extra mile for you – in every sense
  9. 4WD well maintained vehicles fit for purpose
  10. Competitively priced “value for money” tours

What more could you want?!

We are ready to help you plan and enjoy your most amazing holiday ever, combining the thrill of Africa’s best wildlife with experiencing the culture and way of life of Ugandans.

Please start exploring our website – and CONTACT US to discuss possibilities.

By getting away from hundreds of tourists on the standard routes offered by other companies, we can take you to parts of rural Uganda, especially our home area of Teso, the Heart of Uganda, so that you can meet and get to know Ugandans – and even stay with a family if you want to. Our name, Homestead Tours and Safaris, says it all!

If you would also like to spend a week or more volunteering, we can arrange a wide variety of placements, suitable for all ages, interests and skills, in addition to visiting some of the National Parks for the best wildlife experiences in Africa.


Uganda is one of the friendliest and happiest countries in Africa. It is also one of the smallest, making it easy to get around and enjoy every type of African landscape and environment – from savannah to tropical rainforests, mountains and lakes, rivers and waterfalls, cultivation and traditional homesteads.

Being the Heart of Africa, the only thing Uganda lacks is the sea – but we do have the River Nile (reputedly the longest river in the world) and Lake Victoria (the world’s second largest lake)! And we have other unique things to show you.

We are passionate and enthusiastic about what Uganda has to offer. And we’re longing to share with you something of its wildlife, people, culture and beautiful scenery in a way which minimises negative impacts on the environment and gives something back to the local communities which host tourists. We’re committed to responsible tourism which means giving you maximum experiences whilst causing minimum negative impact on the places and people you visit. When you travel around Uganda, you are visiting our home. Your holiday could impact our environments, cultures, economies and ways of life negatively; but when you treat local people and places with respect, it opens up possibilities for more authentic travel. Travelling responsibly in Uganda can’t fully compensate for the environmental impacts of flying, but it will benefit local people and give you a rewarding and enjoyable holiday.

Please be aware that Uganda has so much more to offer than the traditional tours around the western and southern regions, wonderful though they are. 

We specialise in community, cultural and volunteer tourism in Teso combined with wildlife, but we can organise anything you want, including visits to Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi.

Almost anything is possible in the Heart of Africa!

                    You will see from these maps why we call Uganda the Heart of Africa                   – and why we call Teso the Heart of Uganda!

Eyalama aanyun – Welcome – Karibu


Now enjoy exploring our website – and get in touch with us to discuss possibilities.