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But because we come from Teso (north eastern Uganda), we are uniquely placed to take you to some outstanding areas in the east that few others visit, as well as the better known birding sites which other Tours take you on – quite simply, the best birding that Uganda has to offer!

TESO is recognised internationally as having significant and important wetland birding habitats. It is a “must visit” area for keen birdwatchers, especially if you want to see Fox’s Weaver, which is endemic to Teso (but very hard to see, so we can’t guarantee it!)

Lake Opeta and Lake Bisina have been listed since 2006 as two of only twelve Ramsar Sites in the whole of Uganda, as well as being IBAs (Important Bird Areas). Ramsar actually state on their website that Lake Opeta is “One of the remaining intact and probably most important wetland marshes in Uganda.” Lake Nakuwa, not far across Lake Kyoga from Teso, is also a Ramsar site.

There are over 350 species of birds which can be seen in Teso as there is such a wide variety of habitats, most of which are easily accessible.

Of these 350 species, one is endemic – Fox’s Weaver. Other very special and rare birds are the Shoebill (which occurs in only three other places in Uganda)Papyrus Gonolek, Northern Brown-throated Weaver, White-winged Warbler, Carruther’s Cisticola and Papyrus Canary, among others, are some of the sought after birds in this area.

The Pygmy Falcon has also been seen in Teso.

In a few days of concentrated birding in Teso, you should hopefully be able to see at least 100 species (although nothing can be guaranteed with wildlife!)

So come on one of our package tours which include Teso – or ask us to put together a tailor-made Tour especially for you.

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