Here is a random selection of just a few of the photos taken during a day in Murchison Falls National Park, which included a Game Drive as well as the Boat Trip up the Nile.

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There are many herds of elephants – but there’s nothing to compare with the excitement of seeing your first elephant!


There are many antelope to be seen, including large herds of Uganda Kob.


Watching a giraffe eat the leaves of a tall acacia thorn tree makes you realise what long necks and even long tongues they have!

There are so many Rothschild’s Giraffes, especially amongst the acacia thorn trees.


Bee-eaters are some of the most beautiful birds imaginable, as are Kingfishers.



There are a variety of water birds, by the Nile, by Lake Albert and by little pools.


If you are lucky, you will see Lions, although it is very rare to see a Leopard. You may also see Hyenas and Side-striped Jackals.



People often refer to  Buffalo in Uganda as Water Buffalo because they are often seen in or near water! But they are different. Water Buffalo are seen in Asia. These are Cape Buffalo.