Why choose Homestead Tours and Safaris?

Uganda has so much more to offer than the traditional tours around the western and southern regions, wonderful though they are. 

We are a specialist tour company providing a wider range of unusual experiences and opportunities than other companiesBECAUSE of our base in Teso, north eastern Uganda.

Homestead Tours and Safaris holds a unique place within Uganda’s tourist industry because, in addition to the traditional tours, we offer alternative tours to the eastern and northern regions of Uganda and specialist experiences which include cultural and community tourism and volunteer placements – COMBINED WITH wildlife and birding experiences.

Our goal is to work with you to create the ideal itinerary based on your interests to give you the holiday of a lifetime.


In addition to organising any of the usual tours around western Uganda, we can plan exciting and unique tours for you to the east and north of Uganda which take in all or some of the following:

  • Entebbe, including Lake Victoria, Mabamba Swamp, Botanical Gardens
  • Mabira Forest Reserve
  • Jinja (Lake Victoria, source of the Nile and Itanda Falls)
  • Mt Elgon and Sipi Falls
  • Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve
  • Experience of the traditional rural way of life in Teso (including culture, rock paintings, boat trips, dancing and music, local cooking, markets, agricultural methods, etc)
  • Homestays in Teso
  • Birdwatching in Teso (including looking for the rare, endemic Fox’s Weaver and the shy, prehistoric-looking Shoebill)
  • Kidepo National Park
  • Murchison Falls National Park (including game drives and a boat trip on the Nile)
  • Budongo Forest (including chimpanzee tracking)
  • Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
  • Volunteering opportunities

Our unique Signature Tour is called THE HEART OF AFRICA.

We also offer other unique tours, including: VOLUNTEER AND EXPLORE UGANDA, based in Teso (north eastern Uganda) and our BIRDING AND WILDLIFE TOUR OF EASTERN AND NORTHERN UGANDA .

Eyalama aanyun – Welcome


HOMESTEAD TOURS AND SAFARIS believes that community-based tourism and world-class travel can and must go hand in hand with improving livelihoods and conserving our environment and nature.

We passionately believe that, at its best, tourism …….

  • is a two-way process, bringing enjoyment and benefits to both local communities and visitors
  • is respectful and appreciative of all that is good in our various traditions and ways of life
  • helps preserve our cultures and traditional skills by valuing and encouraging them
  • should bring development to local communities by sharing resources and profits
  • will encourage conservation and help us protect the beautiful natural habitats and the fragile flora and fauna of Uganda

Our aim is to protect and conserve precious and unique habitats, especially the wetlands of Teso in north eastern Uganda, while sharing them with visitors and providing opportunities for local communities to prosper. Our beautiful traditional homes in Teso, where guests can visit and stay, are in some of the most special places in Uganda – places and a culture we want to safeguard for the future. Tourism in Teso contributes to creating economic opportunities which enable development in a region that has previously been marginalised. Visiting us will help us achieve these aims whilst you have the holiday of a lifetime – a win-win situation for all of us!


WHO ARE WE and why entrust yourself to us?

We know our destinations throughout Uganda. Our staff have worked in conservation, travelled extensively and had more than fifteen years of experience organizing and leading tours. We are knowledgeable and familiar with all the unique, remote, beautiful and exhilarating destinations in Uganda. We want to share these destinations and our experience with you.

Homestead Tours and Safaris
 is owned and operated by BEN EJADU who works with local communities in Teso to develop tourism. He invites you to help transform these communities by visiting and experiencing eastern and northern Uganda for yourself in addition to the more usual tourist destinations.

Ben trained in Natural Resources Management, majoring in Wildlife Management. He worked as a Ranger Guide for 15 years with the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

Ben’s younger brother, ROBERT OKIROR, is also an experienced Driver Guide who now works with Ben.

Ben and Robert are passionate about wildlife conservation and sharing the wonders of their country with visitors and are especially keen to host them in their home region of Teso.

We are committed to Responsible Tourism
– for the benefit of all, both now and in the future.