Homestead Tours and Safaris is committed to Responsible Tourism.

We believe that community-based tourism and world-class travel can and must go hand in hand with improving livelihoods and conserving our environment and nature.

At its best, Responsible Tourism ……

  • is a two-way process, bringing enjoyment and benefits to both local communities and visitors
  • is respectful and appreciative of all that is good in our various traditions and ways of life
  • helps preserve our cultures and traditional skills by valuing and encouraging them
  • should bring development to local communities by sharing resources and profits
  • will encourage conservation, help protect the beautiful natural habitats and the fragile flora and fauna of Uganda.

Our aim is to protect and conserve precious and unique habitats, especially the wetlands of Teso in north eastern Uganda, while providing opportunities for local communities to prosper and visitors to have the most amazing holiday of their lives. Our beautiful traditional homes in Teso, where guests can visit and even stay, are in some of the most special places in Uganda – places and a culture we want to safeguard for the future. Tourism in Teso contributes to creating economic opportunities which enable development in a region that has previously been marginalised.

To help us achieve these aims, we have developed a shared Travellers’ Code of Conduct which is designed to enable us all to:

  • get the most enjoyment possible from our tour together
  • appreciate fully all that Uganda has to offer
  • experience mutually positive exchanges with those we meet
  • value your own culture as well as ours
  • take with you and leave behind only happy memories and benefits
  • minimise any potentially harmful effects of tourism on people and environments

We invite our clients to consider our shared Travellers’ Code of Conduct

  • Find out more about Uganda (the country, its history and geography, its people, languages and cultures) by going to the INFORMATION pages and the VISIT TESO pages.
  • We are committed to using hotels and restaurants which are owned and run by Ugandans whenever possible and appropriate so that the benefits of employment and profits remain within Uganda. To help you in your planning, we can give you options and tell you which places are owned and run by Ugandans.
  • Find out about how to avoid causing problems or offence when interacting with Ugandans by looking at our Volunteer Code of Behaviour (written for those who are doing a volunteer placement in Teso, but it is relevant for any visitors). Ugandans will never tell you if you are saying or doing something which is upsetting them, so observe how they do things and respectfully ask your Guide as many questions as you want, particularly if you are not sure how to act or are puzzled by anything.
  • Ugandans generally do not respect their environment when it comes to disposing of rubbish. We ask our clients to help us change our terrible culture of littering everywhere.
  • Many craft and souvenir outlets are swamped with crafts from other African countries. We will try to take you only to places where local people sell their crafts and where you can sometimes even watch them at work. Please ask us what are fair prices and whether it’s appropriate to bargain, remembering that it is their only source of income.
  • You will need to drink plenty of water. To save on plastic bottles, we will buy 20L bottles of drinking water and fill your own bottles as often as you want. We also ask that you drink sodas (fizzy drinks) sold in glass bottles instead of plastic bottles (although this means drinking them on the premises so that they can be returned for re-using by the factories).
  • Water is a problem in Uganda, with local people having to walk up to 5km to fetch it in 20L jerrycans and carry it home. Luxury hotels, as well as many cheaper, more basic hotels, have running water. However, the supply cannot always be guaranteed, in which case, you will find a plastic basin and a jerrycan of water in the bathroom. This will be all you have if you stay in very basic accommodation. When there is running water, please avoid leaving the shower running unnecessarily. Whenever possible, re-use your ‘grey’ water, perhaps for flushing the toilet.
  • We ask you not to give sweets to children. They have no access to dentists, although they usually have healthy teeth – except along well-travelled tourist routes. Giving gifts also encourages children, and even some adults, to beg from tourists which is something we discourage. If you want to give a gift to someone you have made friends with, please check with your Guide about what is appropriate.
  • We ask you to respect our national laws. If you are not sure about something, ask your Guide.
  • Let us commit ourselves to learn from each other and to forgive each other if we inadvertently cause offence due to our different cultures and ways of life.

We look forward to meeting you and travelling together and exploring Uganda, the Heart of Africa, for the mutual benefit and enjoyment of all.


If you have any queries about our policy and commitment to Responsible Tourism, or suggestions to make, please contact us.