THREE DAY TOURS (2 nights)

Here are three sample Tours to show you what’s possible:


We cannot list all the hundreds of possible short tours around Uganda, so if you are interested in other places, activities and experiences, please contact us.



Day 1:  Kampala to Sipi

Leave Kampala and drive east to Sipi Falls in the foothills of Mt Elgon. Depending on how early you are able to leave Kampala, we can make a stop on the way, such as:

  • Namugongo Martyrs Museum which commemorates the deaths of many Christian boys and young men in 1885-86, movingly re-created in a series of scenes with life-sized figures.
  • A walk in Mabira Forest where you will see monkeys (especially Red-tailed Monkeys) and forest birds (such as Hornbills and Turacos).
  • A short boat trip from Jinja along the first few hundred metres of the River Nile, the longest of any river in the world, as it leaves Lake Victoria and starts its epic journey northwards to the Mediterranean Sea.

As we approach Mbale across swamps and rice fields, we start to get wonderful views of Mt Elgon and its foothills. Climbing up the steep hills gives us spectacular views of the mountains and waterfalls on one side, and the plains and lakes to the north west. There is a range of accommodation in Sipi, from simple bandas with shared facilities to more luxury en-suite rooms, depending on your budget.

Day 2: Sipi Falls and the plains of Teso

You have a choice of activities this morning which include:

  • A guided hike to one or more of the three magnificent waterfalls around Sipi.
  • A coffee tour which involves visiting a local family who will show you how they grow, harvest and process coffee in their home, ending up with drinking coffee with them which you have helped process.
  • Abseiling ($60 extra) 100m down beside the lowest of the three waterfalls.

After lunch, we will drive down onto the plains of the region of Teso, take a short cut on murram roads through the villages between Sironko and Bukedea to join the main tarmac road which is part of the Great North Road, a route from Cape Town to Cairo. We will stop at Nyero, a few kilometres from Kumi, to visit the ancient ROCK PAINTINGS scattered on five sites amongst huge rocky outcrops with wonderful views of Teso and other characteristic rocks far into the distance.

We travel on to our accommodation in central Teso. Depending on your budget, it could be Hursey Resort (a lovely new hotel just outside Soroti) or a guest house or the opportunity to stay with a family – visit our HOMESTAY page.

Depending on where you stay, we may be able to arrange for you to watch a traditional dance and/or music group in the evening.


Day 3:   Activities in Teso and return to Kampala

There will be time in the morning to do one or more (depending on your choice) of the wide range of ACTIVITIES on offer in Teso. After an early lunch, we return to Kampala.


Hopefully, you will have enjoyed it so much that you will want to do a longer trip and see more of what is on offer in eastern and northern Uganda, such as our unique Signature Tour, THE HEART OF AFRICA or our unique BIRDING AND WILDLIFE TOUR of Eastern and Northern Uganda, neither of which is currently offered by any other tour operator.



Day 1:   Kampala to Fort Portal

The tour begins with a five hour drive to Fort Portal, through beautiful green scenery with traditional homesteads, farms and tea plantations as we head west towards Fort Portal, an old town surrounded by hills and the Rwenzori Mountains.

After settling into our accommodation, we can explore Fort Portal before enjoying evening entertainment by traditional Kikiga dancers.

Day 2:   Kibale Forest and Bigodi Swamp

An early start to drive the short journey to Kibale Forest. The morning is spent tracking Chimpanzees through the forest – sometimes tiring but always enjoyable. You can also expect to see L’Hoest’s Monkeys, Red Colobus, Blue Monkeys, Red-tailed Monkeys and Grey-cheeked Mangabeys.


After lunch, we visit Bigodi Wetland reserve for a guided walk – a great place to see birds and monkeys and a good example of how eco-tourism is developing in Uganda. Birds you may see range in size from the tiny Brown-throated Wattle-eye (13cm) to the Great Blue Turaco (75cm).


Day 3:  Western Rift to Kampala

We leave Fort Portal and head back through the beautiful Western Rift Valley region of Uganda with spectacular views of hills and mountains, crater lakes, villages and plantations. We will have time to visit a tea estate and processing plant. Lunch will be a picnic en route, arriving back in Kampala or Entebbe in the late afternoon.



What about something completely different? Why not get out of Kampala for a unique experience of the rural way of life and traditions in Teso, north eastern Uganda? You can choose whether to stay in a luxury hotel or with a family in their village home.

Although Teso is not spectacular, it has a beauty of its own, with lakes and grassy swamps, undulating plains with amazing rocky outcrops where huge boulders appear to balance precariously, and grass-thatched homesteads surrounded by cultivation. The people are amongst the friendliest in Uganda and are keen to share their way of life and culture with visitors.

For more information about Teso, please click HERE.

Day 1:   Kampala to Soroti

Depending on how early you are able to leave Kampala, you will probably want to stop on the way to have some lunch.

When we reach Teso, a guide will take you up KAPIR HILL or NYERO ROCKS to see ancient rock paintings on huge overhanging boulders. The origins are unknown but they are believed to be about 3000 years old. Enjoy distant views over cultivation and homesteads, lakes, swamps and plains, with views of Mt Elgon and other isolated mountains in the far distance.


Drive on to Soroti where you will stay for two nights in a hotel such as Hursey Resort – unless you opt for a HOMESTAY with a family.


Day 2:     Experiencing life and culture in Teso                  

Even if you opt to stay in a hotel, you won’t miss out on spending time with a family in their home. You can choose from a wide range of ACTIVITIES listed HERE. Below is a suggested programme.

During the wet season, you could join a team of three men and their oxen ploughing, the only place in Uganda where people use ploughs. Although they start ploughing before dawn, you will join them after an early breakfast. During the dry season, you can join a family cultivating, harvesting or processing their crops.


Later, you will have a fascinating visit to a colourful, vibrant local village market or one of the town markets where you will see a great variety of things for sale, from food and vegetables to clothes and animals. You can buy a snack to eat for lunch.


In the afternoon, learn and participate in the growing and processing of groundnuts (peanuts), including how to make groundnut paste (peanut butter) which you will be able to taste and even buy some to take home. (Which processes you experience will depend a bit on the time of year.)


Back in your hotel before dinner, your cultural experience of Teso will end by watching a dance group perform the dramatic Ajosi stick dance and a music group play traditional instruments (adungus, akogos, drums etc). They rarely perform now, so you will be able to witness and encourage a tradition which is in danger of dying out, one of the benefits of tourism.


Day 3:     Soroti to Kampala

Depending on what time you need to get back to Kampala, you could choose one further activity from the list of possibilities.