Your holiday is booked with Homestead Tours and Safaris in Uganda.

Quotations and prices

  • We will honour the price quoted for a specific tour package listed on this website or the price provided in your written quotation for a tailormade tour until the expiry date stated in the quotation. Note, however, all quotations are subject to availability, errors, omissions and changes in circumstance.
  • As soon as the booking is made we will start the process of confirming the holiday. Once all arrangements have been confirmed we will issue a confirmation letter along with a detailed itinerary. If we are unable to confirm all the arrangements, we will discuss the alternatives and re-quote if necessary.
  • Once the confirmation letter has been issued, we guarantee the final price of your holiday although we may have to make alterations to the itinerary and/or accommodation if circumstances change which are beyond our control.

Booking, paying and confirming a holiday

It is not possible for us to get company insurance in Uganda. We realise many tourists worry that they could lose money if they pay in advance and our company collapses or misappropriates their money.

To reassure our clients, our guarantee to you is that you do not need to pay any money for your Tour until we meet you at the start of your Tour. The only exception to this are the Tracking Permits for Gorillas, Chimpanzees or Golden Monkeys which must be paid for in advance – see below. We therefore do not require a Deposit when you book the holiday. Instead, we take the risk that you could let us down.

OUR CONDITION is that you MUST pay the FULL cost of the Tour before we start the Tour.  You may pay in USD$, GBP£, Euros€ or Uganda Shillings (UGX). It is not possible to change Travellers’ Cheques in Uganda or to buy Uganda Shillings outside Uganda, so we will take you to a reputable Forex Bureau or an ATM if you want to change any money into Uganda Shillings. Please note: We cannot accept Credit or Debit Cards. If you do not want to carry so much money in cash with you, you have the option of transferring all or part of the cost of the Tour in advance (to allow for clearance and processing of the payment) to our bank account. But please note, we cannot start the Tour or accept any responsibility for the planned Tour unless and until we have received the full payment.

The person named on the quotation is responsible for the total price of the holiday and for accepting our Terms and Conditions on behalf of all people travelling. By paying us, you and all people travelling on the holiday are agreeing to be bound by our full terms and conditions.

TRACKING PERMITS for Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Golden Monkeys
The only exception to paying the full cost of the Tour on arrival is if you choose to include Primate Tracking in your Tour. These cannot be booked in advance and then paid for later – they have to be bought in person, with cash, from the Uganda Wildlife Authority in Kampala. Numbers are limited and Permits can run out, especially in peak seasons, unless bought well in advance. We are able to buy the Permits for you in advance – but only if we have already received the money from you.  We therefore require you to transfer the money for the Permits before we can buy them for you. We therefore recommend you transfer the necessary money as soon as possible after you have booked your Tour with us. Payments can be made by bank transfer or through some other transfer agent such as Western Union. We will advise you when we have bought the Permits.

Altering or cancelling a holiday

  • If you wish to amend your holiday after the confirmation letter has been issued we will provide you with a new quotation.
  • Note that if you wish to amend your holiday, some elements of a holiday may be subject to cancellation fees, imposed by suppliers, and that all changes will be subject to availability.
  • If you wish to reduce the size of your party, the price per person for other people in the group will increase significantly due to the cost of transport and some other costs which will be shared amongst fewer people.
  • If you wish to cancel your holiday, the person named on the booking, the party leader, must give notice of cancellation in writing.
  • If we need to make a significant alteration to your holiday after the confirmation letter has been issued, you will be entitled to cancel without making any payment or to accept the changes or an alternative holiday, with any difference in cost paid by you.

You are strongly advised to take out Travel Insurance when you book so that any cancellations for reasons outside your control (such as sickness) will be covered.

If you have any questions about out Terms and Conditions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.