There are various possibilities, so if nothing appeals to you from this list, please tell us what your particular interests, skills and experience are which you would like to share in Teso and we will see if we can organise something suitable for you.


Tasks and work opportunities

  1. Teaching of practical subjects such as: carpentry and joinery, tailoring and sewing, crafts
  2. Extra-curricular activities in primary and secondary schools, including games, sports and much more
  3. Teaching of academic subjects, especially sciences
  4. Maintenance, DIY and building work
  5. Horticulture and agriculture (greenhouses and field work)
  6. Catering and cooking (including introducing European menus suitable for tourists), introducing simple nutritious recipes (eg: eggs, milk, fresh vegetables), making juices and jams
  7. Basic computer skills, typing, administration and office skills, basic business skills
  8. Community and clinic-based  immunisation programmes (previous experience not essential)
  9. Hospital work
  10. Community and school education on nature, conservation, bird migration etc
  11. Environmental issues, especially dealing with rubbish, re-cycling, alternative fuels for cooking, rainwater harvesting, simple water treatment
  12. Simple alternative technologies
  13. Painting diagrams (eg: biological, geographical etc) on school walls as substitutes for text books


Some possible placement locations

  1. Nyero Alternative Technology Training Centre (see https://nyerovocationalschool.wordpress.com)
  2. Ngora School for the Deaf (see http://globalchallengecharity.com/ngora-school-for-the-deaf/)
  3. Awoja Riverside Farm (see https://vimeo.com/199731969)
  4. Ngora Freda Carr Hospital (see http://www.ngorahospital.org/)
  5. Ngora High School (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ngora_High_School and http://www.monitor.co.ug/SpecialReports/Ngora-High-marks-100-years-as-Teso-education-anchor/688342-2349696-4wa59fz/index.html)